Mei Cheng (b. Hangzhou, China) is an emerging artist based in Sydney. Her body of work consists of the exploration between the material and the immaterial. Where subjects of memory, time and figure are expressed under a textural and tactile manner. 


    With an interest to surface and medium interplay, these elements plays an integral part to her art making process and the 'ground' basis for which she projects her subject matter on.

    Whilst Mei considers herself to be a painter, she has also been experimental in her practice and approach. In her "Resonance" works , she engages with materials (tissue and resin) that correspond to the degradation that wears with time and the preservation of all that remains. Whether seen as flesh or a perishable commodity, the use of tissue serves to symbolize nature- in both its robustness and its fragility. 





    2016-18 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), National Art School


    2019- "Things I Wanted To Say, But Never Did" group exhibition, Contact Sheet Gallery

    2018- DIRG group exhibition, National Art School Hoffspace

    2018- Drawing Week exhibition, National Art School Hoffspace